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Chris Viaud –Executive Chef & Owner 

Chef Chris Viaud’s food is rustic in its approach, yet refined, by classic techniques. Focusing primarily on seasonal product, most of which grown locally, helps to fuel his passion when creating menus. He plans and executes a balanced meal that incorporates different flavors and textures that entertain the palate which allows for a unique dining experience each time.

Upon graduating from Johnson and Wales University, he moved to Boston where he spent three
of his most formative years at Forbes Four-Star rated restaurant Deuxave in the back bay, where he
worked his way to Jr. Sous Chef. Since his time in Boston he has been an essential part of two restaurant openings and most recently worked as the Executive Chef of The Farmers Dinner in New Hampshire Chef Chris has continually been working throughout the years to challenge himself by pushing the boundaries and constantly taking himself out of his comfort zone to hone in on his craft. He is constantly exploring new ideas, styles, trends and concepts to keep fueling his passion and believes that everyday there is the opportunity to learn something new.







Keith Sarasin – Operations & Owner

Keith’s love for business developed at a young age when he would cook for his mother using old cook books that were given to him by his grandmother. He began his culinary career at the age of 15 working at a local sub shop washing dishes and making subs. As the years went on he worked with a variety of restaurants working his way up from Sous Chef to Executive Chef. Keith worked as a private chef before founding The Farmers Dinner; a farm to table event planning company in 2012. The Farmers Dinner concept came about from Keith’s time working with local farms in the New England area. He wanted a way to support local farms while sharing the stories he learned from his time with various farmers. Since 2012, The Farmers Dinner has hosted over 76 farm to table events across New England and fed more than 18,000 customers raising over $115,000 for local farms.

In addition to his time in the kitchen, Keith is the author of two books, “The Perfect Turkey” and co-author of the 2019 release, “The Farmers Dinner – A Story in Every Bite.”